Time Ticking

“Time does not pass, it continues”
Marty Rubin

Remember your last vacation? Remember feeling as though it would never get here? And then when it did, it was over before you knew it.

Personally, I always find that pre-vacation excitement is tempered with a slight dread that the days are just picking up speed and are going to pass even more quickly in the vacation week(s) to come.

Source: YouTube

The busier our lives get, the more we move from one thing to another without slowing down, without stopping to enjoy the scenery before us, ponder the light playing off the [fill in your blank] in front of us, reflect on what ISO you would use and ….

OK, maybe that ISO bit is just me.

Every time I prepare to leave my home, whether for an errand or a dog walk, I sneak a quick peek into the den – to the camera bag leaning in the corner, camera safely stowed, collecting dust. When will I next have a chance to shot something? Do I remember how to use it? I wonder if the battery is even charged?

In my mind, I have a tendency to save bringing out the “good camera” for special occasions, for big trips or when the autumn leaves are out, or when I head out to the country on a special walk. What about scenes in your backyard? During your walk with your dog? A pile of leaves on the front steps of your building?  We get so busy that we don’t notice the beauty around us.

Leaves on step

Is it a case of delayed gratification?  I will only use the “good camera” for something really good, not this normal, humdrum daily life stuff? Is it because of patience or self-control? Or just forgetfulness or apathy?

I previously quoted that “the best camera is the one you have with you” – and it’s true. If you don’t carry your camera with you, the great shots will escape you.

But what about the practicalities.

It’s winter – granted almost spring – but still winter.  Fingers are cold when adjusting dials and settings, batteries don’t last as long and there’s the risk of fog condensation as you move from warm to cold temperatures. Doesn’t sound all that appealing.

But cold is magical. Plumes of smoke look stunning against a blue bird sky. Snow crystals captured in a morning mist. Icicles from trees.


Source: Pixabay

Don’t look for any of these pictures here – from vacation, from walks with my dog, from jaunts around my neighbourhood – because I haven’t taken them.  Yet. They are on my shot list.

The list I will get to when I have time ….

How do you work in your photography sessions? What tips do you have to share?


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